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The Still Lifes, the proper grammatical spelling for the plural form of still life, is a collaboration of a poet and a musical genius. Ikarus Jonze and Willem Wayfarer met at a dance club in Tulsa, OK. Their friendship built up around their love of music, film, literature, and other forms of art. It seemed only logical that eventually they would collaborate to create art of their own. Realizing that their preferred forms of music rarely get mainstream exposure, they endeavor to create music with a broad appeal while searching for artistic originality.

The Still Lifes have been performing and recording for the past six years. They have even been invited to perform overseas in New Zealand and Korea. The shows in both countries went off very well extending the fan base of the band. Their innovative style is very eclectic fusing power noise, EBM, balleric, and synth-pop all with a unique form of spoken word which ignites the audience in dancing as much as propagandized submission.

For the past two years, they have been working on what they consider to be their masterpiece album. As such, they continue to work diligently to perfect each track. Aiglatson, their first album on a real label, should be ready for release by the summer of 2010. Until then, three of their latest songs have been released on the C/Fe Records sampler, C/Fe Menagerie Vol. 1.

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