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Our songs on the C/Fe Records sampler: C/Fe Menagerie Vol. 1

September 28, 2009

The lyrics for the songs on C/Fe Menagerie Vol. 1 have just been posted. We actually have three songs on there, but one of them is an instrumental. The last two songs are actually alternate versions from what will appear on the album. “Future in Question” and “They Sent Us Their Dreams” were both mixed specifically for the sampler. The album versions will be more focused on my vocals.

“Sebastian Says, ‘Checkmate I think’” is primarily Willem’s. However, there was enough collaboration involved with a few sounds here and there and a suggestion or two which make it very much our song. One thing I am very proud of is my work with the urn.

“Future in Question” was mixed to sound more like a proper song than the intro as it was originally conceived. The lyrics are actually a number of quotes about the future conglomerated into a single work of art. Performed live, the piece becomes more a propaganda tactic than a song.

“They Sent Us Their Dreams” is based on a Ray Bradbury novel, a myth about the human condition. I don’t really like talking about my lyrics too much. I think they stand as pieces of art without the need of explanation, but I take no issue with dropping a couple of clues for the reader and listener to gain some sort of perspective. The song has two very different versions. It was hard to choose which version would be the album version and which would be the sampler version. Ultimately we chose the version with the more dynamic soundscape for the sampler.

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